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A New Woman Is Born.

As we shift away from the patriarchal ways of the past, the New Earth is calling forth more divine feminine leaders.

Women who are integrated in their inner union of masculine and feminine ways of being.

Women to match the frequencies of the new earth, where unhealthy contrast and suffering will not survive.

Women who have spent a lot of time and energy in the ‘healing’ phase and are now ready to step through into their highest timeline.

A timeline where she no longer finds her worth in her appearance, her bank account, her relationship status or her job title.

And although she still appreciates beauty, abundance, and purpose, these things no longer define her.

Because she is anchored in her sovereignty and inner certainty.

A woman who embraces her uniqueness and owns her weird as she invites the world to truly SEE her.

She no longer dims her light or holds herself back.

Because the New Earth Woman recognises that her purpose in the world is to be ALL of who she is.

To shine radiantly, share her magic and no longer keep it locked up and hidden away out of fear that it won’t be enough or accepted. No more masks, no more stories.

A woman who’s here for the birthing of a new way. A way lead with compassion, heart and connection with the Divine.

If this woman describes you or who you know yourself to be becoming, you’re in the right place.

Thank you for being here, my door is always open to connect.

Soul Alignment

Embody your soul and align your life with your highest truth to experience more peace, harmony and beauty in all areas.


Tapping deeply into the multi-dimensional aspects of your Self to embody your own unique innate wisdom.

New Earth Business

Releasing constructs built on ego and power to become fully liberated and anchored into heart lead New Earth Business.

Hey there, I’m Carissa,

I work with women and men who desire to fully embody their uniqueness and radiate the true essence of their soul.

My role as a facilitator is one of mirroring, supporting and allowing the unfoldment of glorious divinity.

Via releasing anything that isn’t a match for their wholesome self.

By not just embracing but loving the aspects that have been judged or withheld.

Rather than aiming for change and transformation, I create space for remembering and for becoming. 

Inevitably, change unfolds through remembering as the old falls away so the true you can be revealed.

It’s my greatest desire that those who I work with can find deeper joy, pleasure and harmony in being expressed in their unique creativity so their purpose of being themselves can be realised in this lifetime.

You’re in the right place if;

  • these words resonate with where you’re at in yourself,
  • you’ve been on a journey of seeking, healing and ‘transformation’ and are now calmly landing in a place of peaceful embodiment,
  • you deeply desire to be expressed and share your creations without the need to hustle or rush,
  • you’re wanting someone or a group of like hearted souls to walk along side with you and nurture your next steps

Please check out my offerings and/or book in a call to see if we’re the right fit for your journey ahead.

Kind Words

Carissa is an AMAZING AMAZING coach who GETS IT. I have had the honor of working with her both in a group capacity and 1:1 and my favorite part of working with her is that I always feel SO SEEN for who I am and what I am saying.

She has this ability to accurately read the people she is coaching without interposing her own filters onto them. Every time I have listened to her coach others I’ve had AHA’s and when she’s worked with me personally I’ve had MASSIVE AHA’s and EXPANSIONS!

She’s a beautiful soul who is so kind and cares deeply about the people she coaches. I feel seen and valued as an individual in working with her. She’s a phenomenal quantum healer, a heart-centered coach who is brilliant at what she does. She’s helped me deeply with my marketing, content, emotional release, embodiment, and so much more.


Lindsay Carricarte-Jones

Intuitive Coach

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