You Can Create Your Ultimate Life


for purpose and impact-driven entrepreneurs


If you play small, you’ll stay small.

But that’s not what you came here to do, is it?

Step up to create the change you want to see. Step up to make a difference.

It’s time to stretch outside of your comfort zone to do something that’ll take you and your business to the next level. More clients, more passion, more impact. It’s time to stretch yourself to believe you can be, do and have more than you’ve ever imagined.

Because your true power and potential are not found in your comfort zone. Because when you stretch yourself, magic happens.

When you stretch yourself, the possibilities are endless.

You can create a business that’s full of incredible, soul-aligned clients.


You can hit your income goals.


You can make an impact that causes a ripple effect to change lives and the world.


You can feel inspired in your business daily.

All whilst balancing a wonderful life with your family and friends.

Book in your free clarity call to find out how.

Heart Centred, Soul Alignment

A brand with heart is a brand that sells. Align your business with your soul purpose and make an impact on the world.


Finding the balance between the physical and the spiritual sides of business
including strategy and metaphysics.

Business Growth

Growing your business to make a bigger impact for your clients and doing your bit for the planet.

Hey there, I’m Carissa,

I work with wellness professional, purpose-driven and impact-driven entrepreneurs like you to start or grow your business. I help build your presence, visibility and grow a base of clients who set your soul on fire.

I assist you to gain clarity in your direction, see more value in what you do, who you help, how to do marketing authentically, sell from your heart and create the momentum you’ve been desiring.

You’re in the right place if;

  • You’re a heart-centered, purpose or impact driven entrepreneur who wants to make a bigger impact in the world;
  • You have a passion for helping positively impact as many lives as you can;
  • You’re seeking direction of where and what to put your focus into that’s going to get you the results you want;
  • You desire the support and accountability of not only someone who cares but someone who gets it and gets you;
  • You’re ready to step up and quit letting stuff get in your way!

I am here to help ladies like you, move from a state of overwhelm and feeling like you’re
spinning your wheels, to a place of clarity, calm and aligned action.

Without the push. Without the grind. 

With ease and with flow.

Download Our FREE Guide:
“Attract Clients that Set Your Soul on Fire”

  • Get aligned with those you were born to serve.
  • Get clear on who you’re targeting with your message.
  • Start building the business that has you jumping out of bed
    every day by attracting the dreamboats you’re here to serve.

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Kind Words

“Carissa has been instrumental in empowering me to take the next steps in my business… she really helped me to see things from a different perspective and gain confidence and release old limiting beliefs. My business has taken a whole new direction and patients/students are flowing through the door. Thank you Carissa for guiding me so kindly and in such a supportive way onto this path of perspective.”


Homeopath, Yoga instructor & Dietitian

“Starting off with a new practice is not easy and I found that working with Carissa was crucial for me to get clear about my goals as a practitioner and understand and identify my marketing niche. Carissa also helped me to restructure my website and guided me through better ways to communicate with my clients creatively and efficiently. I was encouraged to network, I was given ideas on how to expose my business and be noticed – that was crucial to get me out of the comfort zone and make things actually happen.
Most important of all was that Carissa also helped me to focus on my whys and always kept me motivated to do what I love to do! Carissa is a fantastic, genuine, and a truly holistic professional that I recommend! Thank you Carissa for all your support, positivism and for being the best listener ever!


Naturopath, Verbena Naturopathy

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