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How did I get here?




Goosebumps all over and heat rising from my base to my crown.

Years ago I was sitting with my Naturopath (and friend) in a session (me as her client).

And we had somehow made our way into a conversation about charging for the value she was offering rather than just making ends meet by charging time for money.

I believed her services were too cheap based on how amazing she and the value that she offered was worth to me as her client.

As we spoke I saw her shift in front of my eyes.

Shift into seeing her value and that her current prices were not grounded in a sustainable business model.

Until that moment, I hadn’t quite realised how passionate I was about business.

I had geeked out on sales and marketing for years.

I mean, when I think back, I’d been obsessed for sometime.

But it was a blind spot until that moment.

Driving home, I felt so alive and energised.

I knew exactly what I had to do…

I needed to share my knowledge with more impact-driven and talented business owners so they could make the mindset and strategic shifts to live their business visions.

And so, I shifted trajectory, I became a Business Coach and launched my first business growth program shortly after.

Fast forward 4 months after I launched and I found myself with the same fire in my body.

I was sitting in my office. It was the middle of summer and I was trying to stay calm.

I was on a sales call with a business coach to see if I would join her 12-month mastermind I had enquired about.

I had been kicking goals with my business, my clients were rocking,

and I wanted to take things to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL of Impact! (hello over-achiever)

I wanted to make a difference in more peoples lives.

I wanted even more freedom to roam the earth, love hard and spend time with the people I care about.


On the call, she had me realise that in order to turn my dreams into reality, I had to be able to take action in the direction of them.

I had to step the hell up to a level I’d not yet stepped into.

In my heart, what I really wanted was to not let my life go by without doing what I could to change the world.

I was petrified of not making the impact my heart desired to make.

I wanted to get to the end of my life having fulfilled my purpose whilst leaving a legacy instead of regretting all the things I was too afraid to do.

And then she told me how much it was going to cost…


At the time, I didn’t have the amount of money and had no idea how I was going to get it.

I knew for sure that I wanted to learn from her but the price scared the bejesus out of me.

The fear was welling up inside of me.

My heart and my soul were telling me to jump in.

My head was telling me I was crazy and to make more money in my business before taking such a risk.

Who was I to think I’d be able to make this money back?

Who was I to think I was worth spending this money on?

Who was I to think I had something so big to offer the world?

Yet deep down, I knew that in order to make the impact I wanted to make.

I had to be the version of myself that took the actions aligned with making those dreams come true.

I knew that my purpose included helping people grow into the version of themselves who courageously took the required actions to live their best lives,

and so I needed to courageously step up even more than ever before.

Because how could I ask my clients to shift out of their comfort zone and do what is needed to grow their business.

If I was not doing that myself!



In the following 12 months, my whole life changed.

I went further into my purpose than ever before.

I became obsessed with the impact I wanted to make in the world.

I went deeper and deeper into business, marketing, sales, quantum healing, leadership, coaching and mindset.

My mentor even asked me to join her team as a marketing and mindset coach for some of her private clients! What an honour!!

And now as I sit here writing this, reflecting on…

• my amazing clients who are more like best friends;

• my own 12-month mastermind ‘The Business Shift’ and all the amazing soul-mate clients in it;

• my coaching position with one of the most influential business coaches in the world;

• the recent 8 days spent in events co-coaching with my mentor and supporting amazing business owners to thrive;

I am filled with love and gratitude that I listened to my soul and followed my passion.

My life and business are beyond amazing.

Was the journey easy?

Not at all.

But when I think back to that moment I chose to do whatever it took to live my purpose and help others live theirs too.


I’m living my soul’s purpose.

I’m making an impact in my client’s lives which is rippling out to their clients and those around them.

I’m living a life of freedom of doing what I love from wherever I choose.

My work is not ‘work’. It’s pleasure. It’s play. It’s fun.

So, if you find yourself in one of those fear imploding moments on the way to making your business (and life) dreams come true.

I’m here to tell you to stick at it.

Keep showing up. Keep stepping up. Keep choosing courage over fear. Keep growing.

Your mission and purpose will make the world a better place.

You’re meant to embrace your full potential.

There are people who need you and all that you have to offer.

BE the version of yourself who CAN make your dreams come true.

Your visualised reality is already there waiting for you.

You’ve just got to keep going.

I believe in you.


Carissa x

 “My only hesitations before signing up to work with Carissa was the doubt that it would be another course/program/ ‘thing’ that I would spend a pile of money on and get no results.

I shouldn’t have worried though; from the first time we chatted I knew I had finally found ‘the one’. Carissa has helped me and my business in many ways including:

  • Leaving the part-time job I didn’t love and now work in my business full time
  • My website is now converting stalkers into clients.
  • Created my signature program that my clients are lining up to join.
  • Running Facebook ads that convert

With Carissa’s belief in me and my business, I have felt a huge energetic shift and this has improved more than just the amount of money I earn; it’s affected my health, my home and my relationships.

I would recommend Carissa to anyone and everyone seeking the chance to level-up and get paid to do what they love.”

Kerryn Nilsson-Linne

Holistic Nutritionist & Eating Psychology Coach, West Coast Wellness

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