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It’s not to change, to fix/heal the world, to help people or be of service.

It’s becoming the highest and most aligned version of ourselves and then showing up as that in every area of our lives.

Our offerings, the work we do, the way we serve are simply avenues for us to channel and express that Mission.

Because the ripples of impact we create stem from who we are being, not only from what we do.

The mission of ascension is birthed from our souls deepest desire to be in constant evolution.

Our soul understands that every encounter, every experience; our work, our relationships, our expressions in this world are all pathways for further evolution and ascension. 

Each presenting an opportunity to anchor more of our soul essence and love into our body.

And in order to be in the highest alignment in our offerings, our art, our work and the magic we share with the world, the reflections show up in every other area of our lives to be alchemised and integrated.

Those with this mission of ascension are co-creating new shared realities through our consistent attention and intention to becoming the example of what we desire to see in the world.



‘Mission Ascension’ is a space that offers deep integration, assimilation and embodiment of the years of healing and consciousness evolution.

It’s for refinement of that mission and for our ascension to be embodied through our creations, our offerings, our leadership at every level imaginable.

If you resonate with your mission being your ascension and you’re feeling called to have someone by your side who has the capacity to hold you as that highest version in every waking moment. To be the reflection of that in every experience.

If you’re desiring to explore the nuanced refinements of this embodiment, I’d love to invite you to book a call with me and see if co-creating is aligned for each of us.

I am excited for the potential for our co-creation and look forward to connect.

✨ Anchor and ascend mission templates to co-create with more love in all aspects of your mission

✨ Assimilate, integrate and embody of the highest mission timeline available to you now

✨ Upgrade and align physical structures to match the destination of growth and asension you desire for your creations so they support you rather than limit you.

✨ Alchemise and dissolve 3D templates in all areas of your mission creating space for a greater embodiment of your soul essence.




Facilitated by Carissa and hosted on Zoom, we come together every second week. Sessions will be recorded and saved in your personal folder for you to access at anytime.


Private message access between sessions is offered as a place for further integration of codes.


The Field begins with a 3 month devotion that can be extended on a month by month basis.

The first 3 months gives us an opportunity to really sink into cultivating deep states of connection, and community.

Following that, there are no lock in contracts and one month notice is requested prior to completion of your time in The Field.


If you have questions that aren’t answered here, please send me a PM on socials or simply book in a call and we can chat about it there.

Is 'The Field' for me?

The Field may be for you if you;

  • Know that you’re a leader of the New Earth and are here to birth and build something NEW. Something uniquely YOU.
  • Are looking for support, a sounding board, a divine reflector of your most Divine Self. Someone who will always hold you in your highest and shine that back to you.
  • Have been deep in your own healing and personal evolution for a few years, if not more and are now seeking less stuff/information and more assimilation of what you already know. Although healing is a bi-product of how we co-create in The Field, it is not a main intention.
  • Have done or are enrolled in many courses/programs and are looking for something more personalised and unique to support your embodiment and implementation.  Again, although learning is a bi-product of The Field, the main focus is your embodiment, integration, assimilation and implementation.
  • Have a deep desire to cultivate deep connection and community with other like hearted souls. Creating a pod of family who have your back.

If this, the video & intentions of the space resonate with your being, please book in a call to see if we’re a fit.


How are the groups created?

I weave an intention into The Field to call in 3-4 matched souls, bringing them together for soul-contracted co-creation. Perfectly aligned for quantum soul-evolution. Each soul is uniquely matched and therefore bringing together a soul-family who will reflect and learn from one another. When one shifts, we all shift.

Each pod has a unique blueprint that specific souls will feel called to that establishes a co-creation and co-evolution style container. Meaning that as one soul brings something to the table on a call, each other soul will also receive their own shifts, breakthroughs and upgrades.

Is this offered as a private 1:1 offering?

The Field is a small intimate group experience however, I also love supporting souls in a 1:1 capacity too. Should you desire to work with someone in a more intimate 1:1 experience, ‘Attune’ was birthed just for this. The codes and frequencies are aligned to ‘The Field’ yet the container is simply a more intimate one.

Learn more about Attune HERE.

The same applies if you’re a couple or you have a friend who you’d like a private co-creation pod with, simply book in a call and we can chat.

Why is 'Attune' a pre-requisite for 'The Field'?

The Field requires a particular resonance and alignment to the way in which we co-create together. In order for me to serve the souls in the best way I can, it’s important for me to have a deep understanding of each individual, what they’re creating and where they currently reside within themselves. Attune offers us an opportunity to connect in an intimate way first before moving into a group setting. It allows us to drop in and attune to the highest octave first before stepping into ‘The Field’.

Though, if you have worked with me intimately in the past, it may not be required to journey in ‘Attune’ first. Either way, we can connect on an alignment call and see what’s in the highest alignment for you as the unique soul that you are. 

Where can I find some testimonials?

I’ve intentionally left testimonials off this page but if you’ve not worked with me before and would love to hear some words from past and present clients, please go HERE.

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Welcome to The Field, please read this short note from Carissa before Proceeding.

This page may land a little differently to the average ‘sales page’… And this is for a number of reasons. First of which is that I am not here to sell you anything.

The Field isn’t here to be sold, it can only be felt and if you feel it, you’ll know. And I’m not here to tell you what you feel or know.

My magic, as a facilitator is supporting and empowering you to be in your own highest alignment and that starts here.

I wish for the first step of participating in The Field to be a sovereign one (and every one from then on for that matter).

Without promise of what you’ll ‘get’. Because ‘The Field’ isn’t about ‘getting’, it’s about being… being you. In your highest alignment. Coming home to your Self.

The video is for your senses to allow you to tap into the frequencies. The intentions are listed for clarity, transparency and impeccability.

It would be my honour to welcome you to this sacred co-creative space should it be in resonance for you.

The choice is yours, now over to you.

Carissa x

P.S. If you have any questions or require clarity on anything, my inbox and dm’s are always open.

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