Build a Soul-Aligned Business That Makes An Impact Whilst Doing What You Love And Living a Life of Freedom

The Business Shift Mastermind is for purpose and impact-driven business owners who are on a mission to do their part for humanity and the planet. To help change peoples lives for the better, live their ultimate life and create financial and time freedom in the process.




✓ Delivered via online webinar from the comfort of your own home

✓ Work on alignment and strategy to build a business that makes and impact and gets you paid

✓ Mastermind quantum group coaching

✓ Recorded and uploaded to membership site for replay access




✓ Held in Melbourne

✓ Recorded and uploaded to membership site for replay access




✓ Share your success with your fellow participants

✓ Ask any business growth or mindset questions you may have 24/7

✓ Receive support on business decisions, marketing strategy and mindset

✓ Receive feedback on content creation




✓ 24/7 access to all workshops, coaching call recordings

✓ Recordings of all live events (online or in person)

✓ Lifetime access


✓ Build the latest marketing system to call in new clients automatically
✓ Social media platform expansion to amplify reach to more of those you’re here to serve
✓ Free and paid advertising strategies including Facebook & Instagram ads
✓ Ideal client attraction system
✓ Aligned content marketing strategy
✓ Copywriting to speak directly to the souls of your dream clients
✓ The Art of Story Telling in marketing



✓ Creating sales systems that are integral, in total alignment and that feel great to deliver because it feels like you’re not selling at all.
✓ Sell with confidence and integrity
✓ Master the art of service and impact-driven sales and conversion
✓ Create an individualised sales process for your products and services
✓ Amplify receiving channel to receive more abundance
✓ Become a master of influence from a place of integrity
✓ Elevate your abundance vibration to meet your sales goals



✓ Dissolve scarcity and lack programming to open you up to more abundance
✓ De-activate outdated slave programming and free yourself from the bondage holding you back
✓ Step into your new identity and unlock your full potential to match your big goals
✓ Activate abundance programming to call in more money, impact and freedom
✓ Blend with your highest self and embody your super-powers
✓ Upgrade your mind, body and soul so you can be, do and have it all
✓ Master your vibration and amplify the law of attraction in your life
✓ Meet your galactic team and co-create with the universe to experience magic in your business and life

And so much more!


✓ Vibrate at the frequency of impact to match your impact goals
✓ Awaken the leader within and step into the boss version of yourself
✓ Learn self-leadership and become the most powerful version of you
✓ Unlock your full leadership potential to create a greater impact
✓ Become a master of challenging situations and conversations
✓ Create outstanding systems that create consistency in your business
✓ Activate God and Goddess codes within you to stand in your power as a leader

And so much more!



✓ Ultimate vision creation and manifestation activation
✓ Create a magnetic brand with soul that connects with your ideal clients
✓ Ideal client attraction activation
✓ Program and high-end offering creation for profitable packages
✓ Become a channel to co-create business actions with the universe and your soul
✓ Embodied genius to maximize on your skills and time
✓ Vibration elevation to create more abundance from your business and life


What others are saying…

“I had the pleasure of working with Carissa before her Mastermind and the only hesitation I had was with the investment.

I already knew she is a phenomenal coach but I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, financially. I decided that instead of waiting for the money to manifest, I became open to the possibility to make this happen and I took the action before I had the money.

I was so excited to move forward with her that I was willing to do anything to make it work (including taking a big leap of faith financially).

My soul called her into my life on a vibrational level and I am forever grateful because I have had so much clarity and many breakthroughs because she speaks to the deepest part of my being.

She closes the gap between my thoughts and my intuition and I have had MASSIVE shifts of clarity and up-leveling, personally and in my business.

What I like best about Carissa is that she is intuitive, she is brilliant and she combines spiritual with strategy. She helps me to understand how to become an energetic alignment with my soul brand and my products.

She has helped me clear massive money blocks and helped me to REALLY believe in limitless possibilities when it comes to abundance.

She has also coached me with a personal issue that was plaguing me for months that I was unable to remove myself.

I HIGHLY recommend working with Carissa because she not only teaches you on a soul level, she transforms you into your highest self while working together.

Anyone who is beginning their business has been in business for a long time or who are thinking about starting one should not waste any time shopping around for a coach because she will take you to your next level with speed, clarity, and soul.

Since working with her, I have been clarified my vision for my business and my next product. After every session, I am left amazed and deeply satisfied with the choice I made with working with her.

I made a bad business investment prior to working with Carissa and was left confused, upset and stressed. I am so happy to have her and her mastermind show up right after my bad experience because her program is everything I wanted in my previous investment and MORE. When working with Carissa, you should know that you will get RESULTS in your business AND life.

You will be transformed with the divine inspiration she evokes in you. I can’t express my gratitude for having her in my life at the most perfect time.

Sarah Garcia

Soul Evolution Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here,
drop me a line in the form below or book in your free clarity call.

Do I really need a coach?

I believe that in order to succeed, you have to surround yourself with people who know how to make it happen. Doing it all alone or getting help or advice from people who don’t get it is draining to say the least. As a business coach, I have my own business coach and engage in a variety of modalities to help me continue to grow in all areas of my life. There’s no one size fits all but if the core messages resonate with you, reach out for a call and together we can work out if what you’re seeking is what I can offer.

When can I start?

There’s no time like the present. The only moment we ever really have is now so if you’re feeling called, book in your free call and we’ll see what we can work out.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I have a range of options for payment plans to suit your needs. I want my support to be as accessible as possible and so if I don’t already have something that suits your needs, I’ll do what I can to make it work.

Why no prices?

As a coach, an important part of my job is to help you get over your personal blocks. For many people in business (and life), money is something that often gets in the way of decision making.

In order for me to serve you to the best of my ability, I allow you to choose with your heart before your head. We’ll talk prices after we’ve decided if we’re the right fit.

I’ll never pressure you and ultimately everyone is at a different part of their journey and I totally respect that.

For this reason, I wouldn’t have my prices here regardless of if they were $1 or $100’000 as I believe the same principle applies regardless of the cost.

Allow your heart to choose for now and the rational mind can come later.

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