A New Woman is Being Born…

As we shift away from the patriarchal ways of the past, the New Earth is calling forth more divine feminine leaders.

Women who are integrated in their inner unity.

Women to match the frequencies of the new earth, where unhealthy habits will not survive.

Women who up until 2020 has spent a lot of time and energy in the ‘healing’ phase and is now ready to step through into her highest timeline.

Where she no longer finds her worth in her appearance, her bank account, her relationship status or her job title.

And although she still appreciates beauty, abundance and purpose, it no longer defines her.

Because she is anchored in her sovereignty and beingness.

A woman who embraces her uniqueness and owns her weirdness as she invites the world to truly SEE her.

She no longer dims her light or holds herself back.

Because the New Earth Woman recognises that her purpose in the world is to be ALL of who she is.

To share her magic and no longer keep it locked up and hidden away out of fear that it won’t be enough or accepted. No more masks, no more stories.

A woman who looks fear in the eye and gives it a wink.

And so, if this New Earth Woman is calling you forward and you’re feeling the nudge of your soul, I invite you to join us for this very special experience.

In this 7-day free event, we’ll be immersing ourselves into and activating some of the codings of this New Earth Woman so we can call in a higher existence for each of the participants. One that will match the upgrades being presented to us by the New Earth.

Together, we will;

  • CREATE a deeper level of true self-acceptance so our external world no longer defines our value.
  • DISSOLVE any connections that have us hooked into timelines that are no longer serving the way forward.
  • CALL-IN our New Earth Woman soul frequency.
  • CRACK OPEN our hearts and expand our heart fields to activate and experience deeper levels of unconditional love for self and others.
  • RECLAIM the fragments of our souls that have been left attached to people or things from our past.
  • ANCHOR in our very own Divine Mother and Divine Father to hold us through any situation that presents itself to us. No longer relying on anyone to do so for us.

To register and receive the replays, simply click the button below.

I am so excited for you to take this journey alongside me.

Carissa x

 Hosted by

Carissa Bennett

Intuitive Personal Evolution Mentor & Guide
Quantum Healer & Coach
New Earth Business

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