A little About Carissa.

How did I get here?


Over my many years in business, I have learned so many varying templates of ‘how to write an about page’ and yet in this moment, after scrapping my old one and starting fresh, I feel quietly averse to using any template at all.

I have no desire to structure this section of ‘about me’ in a way that will manipulate you into resonating with me or have you psychologically feel a need to do my thing.

I want this to be as real and authentic as humanly possible and so here I am, this is me.

My journey into personal evolution and spiritual work started when I was about 8… My Mum had been exploring all things metaphysics and I was like a sponge, taking it all in. By the age of 8, I had completed my first course in reiki. I still remember the magic pulsating through my hands practicing on my little brother at the time. By 11, I had explored connections with the earth elements, learning how to draw upon energy from rocks at a kids weekend meditation retreat. 

I spent my teens playing with crystals, listening to meditation CD’s to help me sleep and eventually, attending workshops delivered by an ascended master called Tikashi which created a huge foundation for my journey ahead. I have fond memories of hours spent in the TS Bookshop in Melbourne with my Mum reading books about astrology, tarot and metaphysical anatomy.

And you know what, although much of that has shaped who I am today, none of it really matters. 

What matters is where I find myself now.

I’ve been working as a coach since about 2010, firstly in sales and then over the past 4-5 years, in my own business as a personal evolution and new earth business ‘coach’, though the word ‘coach’ isn’t quite the perfect fit it used to be. I’ve studied human biological science, business, sales, quantum healing, human design and a vast array of metaphysical teachings all which weave in someway throughout my work.

Although much of these amazing things I have studied are a part of who I am, over the past couple of years, I have stripped back to the simplicity of my devotion to The Divine. To being my realest, most authentic self and tapping into my wisdom as a multidimensional being and most importantly, a HUMAN… 

I have come to a place of HOME where I feel more centred and grounded than ever before and this is the foundation of how I now work with the participants in my offerings.

Providing a place for nourishment, holding and mirroring of their highest self offering them a place to become more of who they were born to be, not who the world made them think they had to be.

To describe myself in human design terms, I’ll do so in as understandable language as possible in case human design is not your thing. If it is and you can read a chart, there is an image of mine below.

I have a receptive mind and act as an open source of information, resources and wisdom I have collected over my many years in the field of business, metaphysics and personal evolution. A natural born story teller (Sun in gate 56), I often use my own experiences and stories to support in the breakthroughs of those I work with. I often surprise myself with what comes out when someone asks me a question or we’re unpacking something for them.

When I am interested in something, I investigate (line 1) down rabbit hole after rabbit hole until I have a solid foundation of knowledge. I tend to integrate and assimilate quickly (single definition, Manifesting Generator) and then find myself acting as a source of creative solutions for my clients (and anyone in my life to be honest) (Line 5).

I am an individual being with a lot of mutative energy (Channels 2-14 & 1-8), a natural born catalyst of change by simply being myself, in alignment with my design.

The thing I pride myself on the most is that I LIVE the work I do. I enjoy a harmonious and peaceful life and I have amazing, deeply connected, intimate and honest relationships with the people around me. I have a high standard of what I am available for and I believe this is an example of someone who is in alignment with the work they do in the world.

If you feel pulsed to connect and determine if we’re a match for the next stage of your journey, please book in a call and I look forward to connection with you soon.

My Human Design

Working with Carissa as a Coach has been mind-blowing for growth in my business. I came to Carissa uninspired by my product launch & lacklustre on what to do next. After our first session I left with so much inspiration and quantum alignment that I was able to take quick action and signed two new clients within three days, before even having my sales page done.

Her coaching and perspective helped me to realise that it can be EASY, FUN & ridiculously ABUNDANT, when truly aligned to the soul vision.

I recommend anyone to work with Carissa as a Business Coach, expect big and fast results!

Shannon Rose

Mystic & Multi-Sensory Channel

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