If I have to hear the word hustle one more time!

Hustling doesn’t change businesses. It drains businesses.

Hustling isn’t fulfilling your soul purpose. Hustling is pushing and pushing is stress.

Yes, you have to show up. Yes, you have to take aligned action.

But NO, you don’t have to hustle.

I believe in balance. I believe in ease and flow.

Yes, I’ll call you on your BS but I’ll also show you compassion, support, and understanding.

If you’re ready to step up, take the reins on your business and quit feeling like you’re going nowhere.

Book in your free clarity call and if we’re a good fit, we can work out together which options are most suitable for you. 

Kind words

“My only hesitations before signing up to work with Carissa was the doubt that it would be another course/program/‘thing’ that I would spend a pile of money on and get no results. 

I shouldn’t have worried though, from the first time we chatted I knew I had finally found ‘the one’. Carissa has helped me and my business in many ways including:

  • Doubling my income
  • Leaving the part-time job I didn’t love and now work in my business full time
  • My website is now converting stalkers into clients.
  • Created my signature program that my clients are lining up to join.
  • Running Facebook ads that convert 

With Carissa’s belief in me and my business, I have felt a huge energetic shift and this has improved more than just the amount of money I earn; it’s affected my health, my home, and my relationships.

I would recommend Carissa to anyone and everyone seeking the chance to level-up and get paid to do what they love.”

Kerryn Nillson-Linne

Holistic Nutritionist, West Coast Wellness

“Carissa is an amazing Coach!

She has helped me with clear and task oriented steps to helping me achieve my goals and clarify my Path. Her organisation skills and ability to help with big picture thinking and then sort into manageable tasks has tuned my business plan with incredible finesse and clarity.

I’ve been able to start selling my e-books online, host amazing workshops and my business is finally making the money I work so hard for.

She is kind and caring but calls me on my nonsense excuses and holds me accountable to my own goals and values.

I would recommend Carissa to anyone looking for a partner in clarifying and task making to achieve your life’s passion.”

Beck O'Farrell

Nutritionist BHSc, Big Bowl of Happy

Frequently Asked Questions

If your question isn’t answered here,
drop me a line in the form below or book in your free clarity call.

Do I really need a coach?

I believe that in order to succeed, you have to surround yourself with people who know how to make it happen. Doing it all alone or getting help or advice from people who don’t get it is draining to say the least. As a business coach, I have my own business coach and engage in a variety of modalities to help me continue to grow in all areas of my life. There’s no one size fits all but if the core messages resonate with you, reach out for a call and together we can work out if what you’re seeking is what I can offer.

When can I start?

There’s no time like the present. The only moment we ever really have is now so if you’re feeling called, book in your free call and we’ll see what we can work out.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! I have a range of options for payment plans to suit your needs. I want my support to be as accessible as possible and so if I don’t already have something that suits your needs, I’ll do what I can to make it work.

Why no prices?

As a coach, an important part of my job is to help you get over your personal blocks. For many people in business (and life), money is something that often gets in the way of decision making. 

In order for me to serve you to the best of my ability, I allow you to choose with your heart before your head. We’ll talk prices after we’ve decided if we’re the right fit. 

I’ll never pressure you and ultimately everyone is at a different part of their journey and I totally respect that. 

For this reason, I wouldn’t have my prices here regardless of if they were $1 or $100’000 as I believe the same principle applies regardless of the cost. 

Allow your heart to choose for now and the rational mind can come later.

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