A little About My Journey.

How did I get here?


Tears rolling down my face, heart-open and goosebumps all over my body.

Sitting in the depths of the messages coming through that were speaking directly to my soul.

Taking deep belly breaths, remaining present and focused. I wanted to drink in and feel every inch of this experience.

I was deep in a private session with The Arcturian Council and we were discussing my evolution, my purpose and where I was to go from this moment forward in my life and mission.

The light codes being received through the transmission were potent and overwhelming.

‘You are ready to step in your full power’, they said.

Throughout this session, I was awakened to a deeper understanding of why I was on this planet, beyond anything I’d ever understood it to be in the years leading up.

I mean, I always knew that I was here to contribute but I never felt like I was heading in the exact right direction.

Now, allow me to take you back to the beginning…

I got a head start in life when it came to personal evolution…

I was a one of a kind weird kid (for the 80’s) who did a kids course in Reiki at age 8 instead of playing in playgrounds…

I had attended weekend kids meditation retreats and learned how to energetically connect with earth elements by the time I was 11.

I would listen to meditation tapes and cds all throughout high school to quieten my teenage monkey mind and coo me to sleep.

By age 15, I was attending workshops with an Ascended Master called Tikashi.

My parents did conscious parenting courses when I was young and my Mum has been involved in metaphysical soul-mastery and personal development programs for as long as I can remember.

After my 20s being spent gaining skills in coaching, business, leadership, health and travelling the world, at 31, I’d finally launched my own business as a coach and I worked with some of the most amazing mission driven souls in their businesses and personal evolution.

Guiding them in their growth of self and the contributions they are here to share with the world.

But after being at it for a couple of years, I was back in the place of feeling stagnant and out of alignment.

I felt stuck and confined by what I had created and where I was at. Things just didn’t seem to be going where I’d imagined and I felt like I wasn’t living my full potential.

I was feeling like I didn’t even know who I was anymore… Confused about what I wanted and my general day to day felt frustrating.

I was at a crossroads and I knew if I was feeling this way, a big shift was coming.

I had been receiving downloads about what might be coming but it wasn’t clear yet.

Which leads me back to this moment with The Arcturian Council.

Everything I had experienced in the past was leading me to this very moment.

“We feel you have cultivated the relationship with your divine masculine enough in this linearity (lifetime).”

I was crying with laughter. It was true, I had truly embodied many divine masculine qualities, it really was time to awaken deeper into the feminine aspects of my self…

“It is time for you to embody the Divine Feminine.

Let go of all the walls.

You are not meant to fight anymore dear one.

Let yourself be taken by the the flow of life, let yourself sink into your sensitivity and your vulnerability.

Let yourself discover the gentleness and tenderness of your being. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable, don’t be afraid to let all these feelings infuse your being.

This business you have needs to raise in frequency, you have to align, so raise your business into aligning its frequency with your own.

You can’t do the same things that you’ve been doing before.

You must connect your business to the new version of yourself, the new frequency and activation received.

If you don’t change it now, it will drag you like a ball and chain. Because you, you are running fast dear one.”

Still, I was laughing and in tears all at the same time. The confirmation of the information I had been receiving for the past 6 months was anchoring into my field. It was time to make a BIG change.

Because EVERY SINGLE THING that was transmitted during that conversation felt like a direct message from my higher self. I could feel it in my bones. A gift from God.

And so from this moment forward, I was committed to doing anything I needed to do to take this shift. Embodying the divine feminine qualities I was born with and transforming my life from one of doing, to one of being.

And so I did exactly as they had told me…

And the transformation begun…

And what a ride it was. Gritty, bumpy and ecstatic. Over the following 9 months, I went on a deep journey and discovered deeper parts of me that had been hiding for years.

I did some of the craziest and most courageous things I’d ever done. Including delivering a speech on the steps of the state library of Victoria to a crowded group of total strangers in order to activate more of my voice.

I was taken to places in my self that I had never been before. Faced some of my biggest demons and overcome some of the most challenging awakenings to date.

I was a changed woman.

And what I realised on this journey was that our purpose is to be ourselves.

It’s to follow the fire in our belly that lights the way to our truest freedom and fulfilment.

It’s breaking away from the chains that society and life has placed on us and awaken into a brand NEW way of being. One where we become in deep love and acceptance of our own uniqueness.

I realised that my work no longer needs to be in a box of limitation, God will continue to guide the way.

And although the journey hasn’t ended, these days, I feel more myself than I ever have before.

Embodying divine leadership, recognising my wisdom, feeling more connected than I thought possible.

More aligned in my offerings and feeling so incredibly on purpose I could burst with excitement and joy.

And in this moment, at the eve of the launch of my brand new offering, I sit here reflecting on the last year, I am overcome with emotion. Feeling beyond grateful that I have found my way to my true self (at least for now ;)).

I am thrilled and delighted about what’s to come.

Because, the path to abundance is embracing who you really are.

Carissa x

“My only hesitations before signing up to work with Carissa was the doubt that it would be another course/program/ ‘thing’ that I would spend a pile of money on and get no results.

I shouldn’t have worried though; from the first time we chatted I knew I had finally found ‘the one’. Carissa has helped me and my business in many ways including:

  • Leaving the part-time job I didn’t love and now work in my business full time
  • My website is now converting stalkers into clients.
  • Created my signature program that my clients are lining up to join.
  • Running Facebook ads that convert

With Carissa’s belief in me and my business, I have felt a huge energetic shift and this has improved more than just the amount of money I earn; it’s affected my health, my home and my relationships.

I would recommend Carissa to anyone and everyone seeking the chance to level-up and get paid to do what they love.”

Kerryn Nilsson-Linne

Holistic Nutritionist & Eating Psychology Coach, West Coast Wellness

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