Testimonials and Lovely Words

Working with Carissa as a Coach has been mind-blowing for growth in my business. I came to Carissa uninspired by my product launch & lacklustre on what to do next. After our first session I left with so much inspiration and quantum alignment that I was able to take quick action and signed two new clients within three days, before even having my sales page done.

Her coaching and perspective helped me to realise that it can be EASY, FUN & ridiculously ABUNDANT, when truly aligned to the soul vision.

Carissa also supported me from conception to raging success in birthing my souls body of work. I filled all spaces in my Academy and had my first 6 figure 100k+ launch while working with Carissa.

Her unwavering support & belief in me was invaluable to my success.

Her intuition & Business advice was always spot on.

And most of all I always felt safe & held in her presence. Which is why I highly recommend working with Carissa in supporting your creative dreams to come true, she is the real deal!

Shannon Rose

Mystic & Multi-Sensory Channel

 “My only hesitations before signing up to work with Carissa was the doubt that it would be another course/program/ ‘thing’ that I would spend a pile of money on and get no results.

I shouldn’t have worried though; from the first time we chatted I knew I had finally found ‘the one’. Carissa has helped me and my business in many ways including:

  • Leaving the part-time job I didn’t love and now work in my business full time
  • My website is now converting stalkers into clients.
  • Created my signature program that my clients are lining up to join.
  • Running Facebook ads that convert

With Carissa’s belief in me and my business, I have felt a huge energetic shift and this has improved more than just the amount of money I earn; it’s affected my health, my home and my relationships.

I would recommend Carissa to anyone and everyone seeking the chance to level-up and get paid to do what they love.”

Kerryn Nilsson-Linne

Holistic Nutritionist & Eating Psychology Coach, West Coast Wellness

Carissa is an AMAZING AMAZING coach who GETS IT. I have had the honor of working with her both in a group capacity and 1:1 and my favorite part of working with her is that I always feel SO SEEN for who I am and what I am saying.

She has this ability to accurately read the people she is coaching without interposing her own filters onto them. Every time I have listened to her coach others I’ve had AHA’s and when she’s worked with me personally I’ve had MASSIVE AHA’s and EXPANSIONS!

She’s a beautiful soul who is so kind and cares deeply about the people she coaches. I feel seen and valued as an individual in working with her. She’s a phenomenal quantum healer, a heart-centered coach who is brilliant at what she does. She’s helped me deeply with my marketing, content, emotional release, embodiment, and so much more.


Lindsay Carricarte-Jones

Intuitive Coach

Carissa is incredible at what she does, I can’t recommend her highly enough. I have worked with many coaches over the years and within a 20min conversation she got into a deep root issue and dissolved it by having the courage to say things to me no other coach had said. Her support, coaching and teaching has been so very valuable and helped me to up level my business massively. Carissa has the most beautiful soul aligned strategy and she is also a beautiful emotional support to have by your side as you take the journey to make your dreams come true.

Jacinta K Louise

Evolution Coach & Healer

Working with Carissa has been really refreshing. I knew I was stuck but kept plodding away…

Carissa was able to slow me down and get more in tune with what I really wanted and how I wanted to show up and connect with the clients that matter. I can’t wait to see what the next six months bring!

Kylie Pinwill

Nutritionist, LiveWire Health and Nutrition

“Working with Carissa has unlocked so many opportunities and areas of growth for me and the direction of my business. I have learnt so much about myself, mindset, my clients needs and how to apply all of these findings in order to grow and achieve the unthinkable. I will be working closely with Carissa moving forward as the ROI is very evident! Thank you Carissa 😊.”

Lizzie Robinson

Brand Design and Coach, Elizabeth Jean Branding

“I had the pleasure of working with Carissa before her Mastermind and the only hesitation I had was with the investment. 

I already knew she is a phenomenal coach but I wasn’t sure if it was going to work, financially. I decided that instead of waiting for the money to manifest, I became open to the possibility to make this happen and I took the action before I had the money.

I was so excited to move forward with her that I was willing to do anything to make it work (including taking a big leap of faith financially).

My soul called her into my life on a vibrational level and I am forever grateful because I have had so much clarity and many breakthroughs because she speaks to the deepest part of my being.

She closes the gap between my thoughts and my intuition and I have had MASSIVE shifts of clarity and up-leveling, personally and in my business. 

What I like best about Carissa is that she is intuitive, she is brilliant and she combines spiritual with strategy. She helps me to understand how to be in energetic alignment with my soul brand and my products.

She has helped me clear massive money blocks and helped me to REALLY believe in limitless possibilities when it comes to abundance. She has also coached me with a personal issue that was plaguing me for months that I was unable to remove myself.

I HIGHLY recommend working with Carissa because she not only teaches you on a soul level, she transforms you into your highest self while working together.

Anyone who is beginning their business has been in business for a long time or who is thinking about starting one should not waste any time shopping around for a coach because she will take you to your next level with speed, clarity, and soul.

Since working with her, I have been clarified my vision for my business and my next product. After every session, I am left amazed and deeply satisfied with the choice I made with working with her.

I made a bad business investment prior to working with Carissa and was left confused, upset and stressed. I am so happy to have her and her mastermind show up right after my bad experience because her program is everything I wanted in my previous investment and MORE. When working with Carissa, you should know that you will get RESULTS in your business AND life.

You will be transformed with divine inspiration she evokes in you. I can’t express my gratitude for having her in my life at the most perfect time.”

Sarah Garcia

Soul Evolution Coach

Carissa is an amazing Coach! She has helped me with clear and task oriented steps to helping me achieve my goals and clarify my Path. Her organisation skills and ability to help with big picture thinking and then sort into manageable tasks has tuned my business plan with incredible finesse and clarity.
She is kind and caring but calls me on my nonsense excuses and holds me accountable to my own goals and values.
I would recommend Carissa to anyone looking for a partner in clarifying and task making to achieve your life’s passion.”

Beck O'Farrell

Nutritionist BHSc, Big Bowl of Happy

“Carissa is amazing to work with! She has pushed me further than I thought I could go and helped me achieve things that I hadn’t even consciously fathomed. All while doing so in a friendly and caring way. It has been a pleasure to work with her.”

Stephanie McKendry

Reiki Practitioner, Blue Lotus Soul Healing

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